Our Philosophy

As an early childcare centre, we believe true holistic development is best achieved through a curriculum of child-led learning and discovery, community awareness and individual acceptance.

What we stand for


The wellbeing of your child/tamaiti is our paramount objective. Whilst in our care, we will strive to uplift and protect the mana of our tamariki, to build their pride, confidence and integrity.


Our philosophy is to provide a caring and supportive environment for the whole family, one that is dedicated to creating respectful relationships with all family members.


We will provide a centre that is focused on developing your child holistically. We ensure a warm and nurturing environment geared towards providing stimulating and developmentally appropriate opportunities that will interest and motivate learning.


We are an inclusive centre providing equitable learning opportunities which celebrates and is inclusive of the cultural differences and learning abilities in our community.


Our programme is child initiated and places emphasis on their exploration of themselves, their peers, the environment, learning experiences and social connectivity. It provides opportunity to enhance the children's growth on all levels of being; emotional, social, cognitive and physical, to create confident and competent learners for the future.


The New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki is our guiding document. From this starting point, we construct a considered and well-rounded curriculum using emergent philosophy as well as incorporating the components of other effective learning models, such as Reggio and Montessori.


We take a holistic approach to learning and teaching. Our teachers are selected with great care to ensure they have an authentic interest in our children's learning and embody all aspects of the centre’s philosophy.

Emergent Philosophy

What is it?

The emergent learning model is a flexible and adaptive approach to plan a curriculum responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences.


Emergent philosophy prioritises active participation through the many medias made available to the children, such as the written word, listening, modeling, and verbalisation. Another aspect of emergent philosophy is play-based learning and involves a wide range of experiences including music, art, imaginative play, physical and mental challenges. Relationship building and inquiry are also actively encouraged.


All of these experiences are aimed at developing well-rounded children through learning tolerance, empathy, sharing of information, and ideas, leading to a high level of thinking.

How do we implement it?

Learning experiences are developed to compliment and build upon the emerging interests of the children, with opportunities to be involved at multiple ability levels. Once an interest starts to ’emerge’, our teachers observe the child and their interest then brainstorm ways to extend the topic of interest in depth. Our senior teachers have a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and ideas on how to grow emerging interests, while our newer teachers bring the most recent educational tools and instruction to the mix. Together, they provide an extensive framework for brainstorming and developing learning opportunities.


At regular staff meetings, all HeadStart staff collaborate on plans that encourage individual growth for each child, as well as group learning for the entire centre. Plans are reviewed each staff meeting, and are adapted to best suit the growing needs of each child and the centre community as a whole.


If you would like to discuss our philosophy further, please feel free to contact us.

Te Whāriki Curriculum

HeadStart ensures its curriculum is strongly grounded in Te Whāriki, the Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Curriculum.

This curriculum emphasises the learning between teachers, parents and families/whānau, and relies on teachers to weave an holistic curriculum in response to tamariki learning and development in the early childhood setting and the wider context of the child’s world.


It provides a framework of early learning within a sociocultural context, and is based on four broad principles:


Empowering children to learn and grow.

Family and Community
Whānau Tangata

Includes the wider world of family and community as an integral part of early childhood.

Holistic Development
Kotahitanga Hononga

Reflects the learning and growing of the whole child.

Nga Hononga

Learning through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things.


HeadStart Childcare


Proud to be locally owned and operated, HeadStart is an important part of the Hobsonville community, helping grow the hearts and minds of children for over 25 years.

Our hours of operation 7.30am – 6.00pm

Visit us at 193 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0618 or call us 09 416 4300